Craziest Claim of the Month – “It’s a Hard Rock Life”

In this month’s craziest claim, we leave with the sobering reminder of how quickly a seemingly harmless situation can escalate. As with most of our craziest claims…it started as an ordinary day. One of our clients, a contractor, had two employees who were working in a yard.

One employee picked up a small rock and playfully tossed it at the other. As you can imagine, the second employee returned the favor and threw a slightly larger rock than the one before. The throws got harder and the rocks continued to get larger. The competition came to a screeching halt when one rock got thrown far too high and far too hard. What had started as lighthearted horseplay ended with a shattered orbital (eye socket) and a trip the Emergency Room.  It’s all fun and games until an eye socket gets shattered.

Insurance claims involved: Workers’ Compensation

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