Life at Georgetown – Patti Maluchnik

By: Patti Maluchnik, CIC, CBIA

Georgetown Insurance Service, Inc.

Frederick, MD

Describe your job.

My job is essentially commercial sales. I primarily work with clients in the DC-Metro area, but I also get to work with clients nationwide. I work out of our Frederick office. A large part of my job is networking and attending events. Building relationships and maintaining those relationships are crucial to being successful in the insurance industry.

Why did you get into insurance?

My father had a very large insurance agency. When I was getting out of college, he recruited me to work in their main office since he had three staff members all out for maternity leave at the same time. I started in group health, transitioned to health, life and disability and eventually went off to work for another insurance agency in south Florida. It wasn’t long before I found myself back at my Dad’s agency working in the personal lines arena in his new DC office. Shortly after that, I was introduced to Georgetown Insurance, made the switch to commercial lines, and I’ve never looked back. I’m celebrating my 25th work anniversary with Georgetown this month. I love it here!

What is your daily ritual? Do you do anything to start/end day?

Every morning, I begin my day reading the newspaper and drinking my green tea. Then it’s off to the office.  Whether it is answering emails, attending The Rotary Club of Frederick every Wednesday, meeting with prospects or networking at various industry events, I’m constantly keeping in contact with people. Client communication is at the heart of our business and I try to be as responsive as possible throughout the day. Long days aren’t uncommon. My days are spent being an advocate for my clients and prospects – making sure they have comprehensive coverages, that their claims are expedited, and communicating with our insurance companies to be sure we are armed with the best products and services.  My days are usually ended with a networking event.

What’s the most challenging part of your job?

As with most commercial sales positions, the most challenging part is obtaining new clients.

What do you like best about your job/Georgetown?

What I like best about both my job and Georgetown is the people. We are just the right size — not so big that you get lost, but not too small either.  We have a family atmosphere that is customer centric which is unique for sales.   Remmie is truly an awesome boss and the best one that I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with — well aside from my dad of course!  Overall, Georgetown is a strong agency with top talent.  Our reputation is built on trust, knowledge, and exceptional service.  The customer always comes first.  That’s an old adage, but it certainly holds true in our agency!  As a producer, you know that you have the full support of management for the work we do for our clients.  It’s just a great atmosphere to work in.  We represent the best companies in the business. The diversity of our customers is great. I get to work with all types of businesses.

What makes Georgetown different?

Our integrity.  We have strong moral principles and we hold each other to those standards.



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