Georgetown Services

In addition to providing policies backed by quality insurers, we offer the following services to assist our clients in building and maintaining a cost-effective insurance program:

Certificates of Insurance:

  • Issued on the same day of the request, always.
  • Faxed or emailed immediately upon request.

Experience Rating Review:

  • Check Workers Compensation Experience Modifications for accuracy.
  • Review eligibility for Experience Rating.
  • Determine if maximum credit is being received.

Pricing Credits:

  • Property credits for fire and theft protection.
  • Liability credits for quality control.
  • Workers Compensation credits for drug testing, construction credits, and safety initiatives.

Classification Review:

  • Evaluate accuracy of insurance classifications.
  • Determine most advantageous rates for operations.

Contract Review:

  • Assess compliance with insurance requirements.
  • Analyze additional insured requirements, waivers of subrogation, and hold-harmless agreements.

Audit Preparation:

  • Review accounting records to help audits go smoothly.
    Minimize final audited premium.
  • Assist and support should audits need to be disputed.