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You have a passion, crafting unique beers of the very best quality.  It takes the right mix of science and art to do what you do.  You have your own language – you use words such as doppelbock and sparging. With insurance and risk management there is a special language as well.  We work with our clients to ensure they understand the language of insurance – and take the time to translate the jargon into understandable words and action plans.

Your exposure to risk can range from machinery, employee accidents, theft, tasting rooms, food preparation, tours, and many other things. Many exposures are very unique to the beer brewing profession.  That is why it is important to work with a specialist, one that fully understands the beer brewing profession.  We understand the beer Industry and work closely with each of our clients to craft a comprehensive insurance and risk management plan. We need to get to know you and your operation.  Our process is to meet with your leadership team and discuss your business and tour your facility.  We can then help identify your exposure to risk, determine your level of risk tolerance and develop an overall strategy.  Only then do we evaluate the insurance products available to meet your needs – and present you with different scenarios and options.

Because we specialize in this area we have access to insurance programs many other agencies simply do not.  Our programs can include coverage for property, general liability, liquor liability, equipment breakdown, workers' compensation, autos and much more.  Our unique programs can provide coverage that expands beyond equipment breakdown to extend until your operation is back online and selling product again. Another coverage option covers product recalls which can provide invaluable protection.

Coverage Highlights:

  • Business Income
  • Contract Cancellation Expense
  • Coverage for Key-Employee Replacement Expense
  • Coverage for Processing Water
  • Food Contamination
  • Product Recall
  • Tank Collapse Coverage
  • Tank Leakage

Contact us to find out how we can help your craft brewery with a comprehensive risk management program.

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