Cyber Insurance

The way we do business has evolved and as a result risk and insurance issues have transformed along with it. Technology has completed changed the way we look at liability, theft and even information storage. Cyber-attacks and other cyber perils are now every day threats that businesses need to be aware of and insure themselves against.


Cyber risk is real and affects businesses in all industries and of all sizes. Common risks include:

    • Liability related to the disclosure of personal information.
    • Liability related to the disclosure of confidential information.
    • The accidental destruction of your own data or the data of others.

How to Protect Yourself

At this point in time, carriers are still trying to wrap their heads around insuring against cyber threats. As a result, there really is no such thing as a silver bullet “Cyber Policy” that will address all concerns.

However, that doesn’t mean you can’t insure yourself against cyber threats. Georgetown Insurance Service agents specialize in helping you to identify the specific cyber perils you are looking to protect your business from and work collaboratively with you to come up with customized coverage options and additions to cover your bases.

Cyber Insurance White Paper

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Associated Agents