Craziest Claim of the Month – “An Unfortunate Discovery”

In this month’s craziest claim, some homeowners make an unfortunate (and disgusting) discovery. One of our clients had hired a temporary worker to assist with a project at a customer’s house. After dropping the worker and equipment off for the day, the driver left with the promise to return later that afternoon for pick-up.

All was business as usual until nature called. The worker found himself in dire need of a restroom, but unfortunately, there was no restroom accessible and no one was home. Unable to hold it in any longer, the worker ducked into the customer’s garage and relieved himself in a bucket. Leaving the bucket in the corner, the worker quickly ducked back out of the garage and resumed his work. In a few short hours, the job was completed, the worker was picked up, and all seemed well.

The next day, the homeowners experienced a putrid smell coming from a corner in the garage. They followed the scent straight to the bucket. As one could assume, the owners were rightfully furious. The end result was a few heated conversations, the threat of a liability lawsuit, a sheepish apology from the worker, and an agreement to hire a cleaning crew.

Insurance claims involved: None

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