Life at Georgetown – Tim Pyle

By Tim Pyle, Associate

Georgetown Insurance Service, Inc.

Silver Spring, MD


Describe your job. What do you do?

I’m an associate at Georgetown Insurance Service and have been with the agency since December 2018. My job is to analyze insurance policies for business owners and ensure they have the proper coverage they need. Or, as I like to say, I make sure they can sleep well at night.

While I’m currently working to grow and build my book of business, I plan to focus on providing insurance solutions to craft brewers, wines and distilleries.

How/Why did you get into the insurance industry?

I had been working for MASN selling television advertising, but I didn’t really see a future for myself in that industry. My brother-in-law, Matt Simmons, encouraged me to come work for Georgetown Insurance Service. After learning more about the agency and all it had to offer, I decided to join the team. I was licensed in February of this year and earned my Commercial Lines Coverage Specialist (CLCS) designation.

What is your daily ritual? What do you do to start and end your day?

The only thing most of my days have in common is the coffee I drink in the morning! Every day is different – and that’s what I love about this industry. There is no normal or typical. Some days I’m going out to meet with prospects and clients and other days I’m in the office making calls and building my book of business. I like to keep a flexible schedule so I can make the most of my time both in the office and when I’m on the road.

What’s the most challenging part of your job?

I’d say, thus far, it’s really learning the industry. Insurance is a vast world that comes with a huge base of knowledge. Since I’m still new to Georgetown Insurance Service, I’m very focused on understanding every aspect of insurance and learning the ropes.

Another challenge I encounter is convincing some business owners to change the way they currently handle their insurance policies. Some have been with their insurance agents for many years so it’s important for me to work hard to show the value of working with Georgetown Insurance Service and how we’re different from other in the market.

What do you like best about your job and/or working at Georgetown Insurance Service?

The people here are what I like best about working at Georgetown Insurance Service. It’s a very family-oriented business – and we all really enjoy working together. In my opinion, it’s really the people you work with who can make or break a company. While we work hard each day, we also celebrate and have a lot of fun too.

What makes Georgetown Insurance different than previous places you’ve worked?

I previously worked for the Redskins and then moved on to MASN. In the world of sports advertising, there isn’t really a work-life balance or much room for advancement. I didn’t see a future at either of those organizations. That’s what makes Georgetown Insurance Service different – I see a long-term career here and a place that I can thrive.

And, just like in the previous question, I’d say the people are also different. We are truly a family and the management at Georgetown Insurance Service works very hard to keep everyone happy.

What is the most interesting or strange insurance claim, question, or issue you’ve dealt with?

Since I’m new to this industry, I haven’t had to deal with a claim just yet! But, I’ll be sure report back when I do. 🙂

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