Craziest Claim of the Month – The “Acid”ent

Swimming pool cleaning often requires the use of strong chemicals and acids. Due to their associated risk, the chemicals should never be used by anyone but licensed and trained professionals. However, even then accidents can happen. One of our clients, a pool service company, experienced just that despite having their employees undergo extensive training regarding usage of these chemicals.

An employee was cleaning a residential pool with muriatic acid (which can be used to help balance a pool’s pH or clean a drained pool’s surface), when some acid sloshed up into his boots. The employee knew his feet felt wet, but assumed it was only water and kept working.

When he left the home, he returned to the shop and proceeded to take off his protective gear. When he went to take off his rubber boots, he found himself also removing the skin from both of his feet in a most horrific “acid”ent.

Total Workers’ Compensation Claim: $50,000

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