Craziest Claim of the Month – The Stowaway

One of our clients, a pool servicing company, had a crew working on a customer’s backyard pool. While they were servicing the pool, they discovered a three-foot long black snack. They put the snake into a bucket, put the bucket in the back of the van, and then went back to working on the pool. They drove back to the shop when they were done servicing the pool….and completely forgot about the snake.

The following morning, the crew picked up the van from the shop and were driving to their next job. Suddenly, the snake dropped down from the overhead visor and fell directly onto the driver’s head. The driver panicked and swerved into the side of a metro transit bus.

Total Damage Claim to Both Vehicles = $1,000

Total Bodily Injury Claim (WCP) to the Employees: $0

Total Bodily Injury Claim (WCP) to the Metro Driver: $100,000

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