Life at Georgetown – Matthew Simmons

By Matthew Simmons, CIC

Georgetown Insurance Service, Inc.

Silver Spring, MD  20901

Describe your job. What do you do?

I’m a Vice President at Georgetown Insurance. When I consider my job, I like to think about it in terms of assurance. Our customers are trusting us to protect their lifestyles and what they have created for themselves and their families.

This isn’t a task I take lightly. This is their legacy. I don’t think about in terms of simply insuring a company, but insuring the whole picture. I like to think of myself as someone who is invested in the success of their company and their overall wellbeing – a partner. If something tragic were to ever happen, I consider it my responsibility to make sure they have the insurance necessary so that their company and family can continue.

Why did you get into the insurance industry?

It’s actually an ironic story how I got into insurance and started my career at Georgetown. After I graduated from college, I had been applying for jobs and received a job offer from a large bank. I took the job…only to find out later that day that the bank was being acquired by another company. Subsequently, a hiring freeze was put into effect and I no longer had a job. Shortly after I heard the news, I ran into our CEO’s wife and we had a casual conversation where she mentioned the idea of joining Georgetown Insurance. Two weeks later, my insurance career started and I’ve been at Georgetown Insurance ever since.

What is your daily ritual? What do you do to start and end your day?

My daily ritual can change depending on the day. I’m on the road a lot so that makes it hard to really establish a routine. However, two things about my day usually stay the same: In the morning, I help with the kids (take them to school, etc) and I listen to sports talk radio on my way in to the office or to a meeting.

What’s the most challenging part of your job?

It can be challenging to be the middle person between clients and carriers. It poses some communication challenges, but I try my best to keep the lines of communication open for all parties involved.

What do you like best about your job and/or working at Georgetown Insurance?

Hands down the best part of my job is meeting new people. Even companies within the same industry bring individuality. No two companies (or people for that matter) are the same. I love hearing people’s stories and just getting to know them.

What makes Georgetown Insurance different than previous places you’ve worked?

Georgetown is my first full time job post college and I’ve never looked back. Three things that really stand out to me that make working here great are the people, the ownership, and the culture.

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